The Homeland

 A VISIT TO THE HOMELAND: It is so great to be home and have a good dollop of my mother’s cooking! I am having a traditional Irish fry every morning cooked by yours truly. While home, I am doing a mini-tour of Ireland taking in some of my favourite people and places. The first leg of the tour begins in Inishowen with a private house concert, then it’s off to O’Flaherty’s Pub in Buncrana for a session, followed by another session in Campbell’s pub in Headford and the final gig is in Cork.  This is a grand chance to breathe in the Holy Ground and to reunite with some great friends. So excited to play at The Hole in the Wall Pub and then I fly to America and bring a bit of home back to my Irish friends wishing they were home with you beautiful people. I know it is a whirlwind but if you are around, come down and let’s catch up and hang out! Friends and fans, don’t forget to get the cuppa ready for me!


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