Katie McDonnell grew up in Galway City in Ireland. A native of Galway city, Katie McD is steeped in the tradition of sean nós singing (old style Irish singing). Her mother won the All-Ireland championship for piano and Katie learnt piano with her great Aunt Mary, a renowned poet and avid choral singer.  She later picked up the guitar and started writing self-penned songs. She moved to Boston after obtaining a scholarship to study voice at the Berklee College of Music.”

“Kate McD’s music represents a new wave of Irish artists who remain true to their roots yet explore the reaches of Irish creativity. While many before her have contented themselves to sing the ages-old Irish folk songs and ballads, Katie’s work takes Irish musicianship to a new level, creating what may become classics in songs that tell the story of today’s immigrant experience in the United States – indeed, that experience has become the American experience. Her work is the reflection of the true Irish creative character. I have seen her perform on numerous occasions and her presentation bursts with talent and energy that are both inspirational and entertaining to her audiences.”
 -Susan Gedutis Lindsay, staff writer, Boston Irish Reporter and author of  See you at the Hall: Boston’s Golden Era of Irish Music and Dance.
Katie McD and her Cross-County Band perform an upbeat Irish flavored variety show with a mixture of traditional Celtic and popular Irish music and song. The talented trio journey through Ireland with ballads from the lilting vocals of Katie McD, poems and ‘stories from home’  told by the ever-witty bodhran player, Martin Butler, and the signature flaming-fiddle tunes played by Matt Leavenworth.

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