“Very pretty, self-penned soul affecting acoustic music” - Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

“Jaunty, country-flavored tunes” - Joan Anderman, The Boston Globe

“…a sense of haunted, haunting place is conjured through the mournful, otherworldly contributions of Galway native Katie McD, whose Gaelic vocals represent Hester’s long-gone musician mother.” - Carolyn Clay, Boston Phoenix

“Kate McDonnell’s music represents a new wave of Irish artist who remain true to their roots yet explore the reaches of Irish creativity… I have seen her perform on numerous occasions and her presentation bursts with talent and energy that are both inspirational and entertaining to her audiences.” -Susan Gedutis Lindsay, music writer for the Boston Irish Reporter and author of  See you at the Hall: Boston’s Golden Era of Irish Music and Dance.

“It is tapestry of musical textures blending Celtic, country and folk voices. It has a strikingly original feel and journeys through diverse musical styles and traditions with surprising and seductive sensuality. It crosses boundaries few artists successfully cross. From the airy light of Dana to the dark heart of Hitman, it will snap your head around. Hold onto your hat and listen closely…” - The Irish Emigrant

“Katie McD’s “The Stranger” is hauntingly beautiful. The song totally fulfills the emotions of the scene and takes it to another level. It’s the type of piece that will really stay with people.” - Stephen Croke, Director of “The Busker”

“Singer Katie McD, a native of Galway, who lends a distinctive contemporary Celtic flavor to her music. Katie weaves her wonderful tales with emotional passion and vibrancy in the true troubadour style. Each of her songs is a unique work of art, reflecting the craft of a truly gifted singer-songwriter. Her début CD, “I know you know”, has just been released on Passion records.” - Cambridge TAB

“Tuning in on the same love-charged wavelength is Katie McD’s track, “Gift From God.” McD brings a style to the CD that any fan of Michelle Branch or Jewel would adore. Her ranging vocals mesh beautifully with a well-chosen melody.” - Dan Schneider, Tufts Daily

“It was a magical afternoon that had even the most skeptical adults hearing Santa’s sleigh bells at the St. Peter Academy’s Second Annual Polar Express. ….. Another favorite of the afternoon for many was a performance by Katie McD, who entertained the masses with her talents as a vocalist and guitarist” Caught in Southie, South Boston’s Neighborhood Magazine

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