Sunday Sessions

It is so wonderful when all the busiest musicians in town will give up a few hours away from family and friends to help raise money for a great cause. Devri, Maxi & Patsy. I would like to thank the members of my band also for their time. Come out and have fun, dance and enjoy drinks at Mr Dooleys from the best bartender in town, Terry! A big thanks to Mr Dooleys for being for supporting Irish Music….you keep it alive and you keep us alive too!

What a fun time!!! THANK YOU to all who made it out!!! If you missed the event and you would still like to donate to The Mother Caroline Academy, find them on FACEBOOK.

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    • Cukz says:

      I hear ya. But I would argue it’s not something that you lsouhd let stop you in your tracks.One way to look at it is to just take it that there are different ways of saying the same thing. We cover this a bit more about Irish dialects: About Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic you are certainly correct. I think they are too different to be able to be approached as a single language. But don’t let that stop you either. Just be sure that what you are learning from refers to Irish rather than simply Gaelic . We cover this a little more here:

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